Different Kinds of Guttering Port Stephens

Fulfil your requirements for guttering with Port Stephens Roofing’s various systems. Installed by highly trained workers, this installation can keep rainwater that collects on your roof from falling on your front door.

port stephens roof guttering

Port Stephens Roofing makes use of Ace Gutter Guards that come in different ranges and specifications. The selection comprises an 80% gloss range that looks as smooth as car paint, while there’s also a 25% gloss range with little shine and sheen. The guards are available in various colours to match your roofing system.

Guttering Port Stephens Classification

You may choose from several types of guttering below:

  • Ace Nu-Line, otherwise known as the eaves gutter, is designed as both a gutter and fascia system. It is ideal for installing on roof rafters even without the need of a timber fascia.
  • Ace Mini-Line is similar to Ace Nu-Line gutter in appearance and form. Its fascia is also similar in that the brackets are either external or concealed. Only, the mini-line is made smaller, hence the name. Despite its size, it can still contain 20% more rainwater than the average gutter, and can withstand heavy rain.
  • Ace Square-Line is designed as a slotted gutter with the corners folded. It does away with using external brackets. This type is fitted for garages, where the flow of water is to the front.
  • Ace Half Round is based on European standards. Designed with a semi-circle shape, this comes with external brackets. Because it’s almost cylindrical, it has a capacity for self-cleaning.
  • Ace Roundline is another cylindrical type of guttering, and thus, also self-cleaning. It doesn’t have any external brackets, and comes with a flat back.
  • Ace Quad this is the traditional type that is typically found in most colonial homes and new construction. This guttering has overflow holes and is about 115mm in diameter.
  • Ace Old Style Quad is without overflow holes and the design in the front is lower. It is also limitedly available in NSW and ACT only.
  • Steel Fascia is seen in many houses, replacing the timber kind. Because it requires less maintenance, it’s more cost-effective and can be used to cover rotting or damaged fascia boards easily.

Port Stephens Roofing has partnered with Ace Gutter Guards to make sure that homes in this part of the region are protected. Contact your professional roofers today for more details!