About Port Stephens Roofing

About Port Stephens Roofing

Port Stephen Roofing cPort Stephens Roofing is a long time provider, installer, and supplier of roofing requirements in Australia, particularly the New South Wales and Victoria regions. Our reputation goes back to more than 30 years of committed work, delivering commendable results to the satisfaction of many of our clients.

Our Credentials

Regardless of the scope of work, Port Stephens Roofing services clients with capable tradespeople who have completed training and license requirements that meet OHS regulations. We also protect our workers with insurance, so that they can do their job best and deliver finished work with quality.

What We Do

At Port Stephens Roofing, we can take care of simple roofing work, as well as the more labour extensive jobs. We regularly do roof painting, roof sealing, roof cleaning and roof restoration, and we also handle re-roofing, re-beds, re-sarking and re-pointing, when necessary. Apart from these, we also take care of the installation of gutter guards and leaf guard screeners.

What Sets Us Apart

When our labourers carry out work in your home, we see to it that a project manager is always on hand to oversee the activities, as well as keep you updated on the project’s status. We also make sure that any disturbances to your daily activities are minimised as our workers complete the project. You can rely on everyone in our team to do the job well, so you can go without having to worry about anything. You’ll only see the great results afterwards.

If you must require it, we can also bring in a licensed independent builder to assess and give you a written report on our completed work. Not every roofing service supplier would be willing to do this. It’s what makes Port Stephens Roofing different!

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