Roof Repair

Port Stephens Roofing Provides all Sorts of Roof Repairs

Living in an unpredictable Australian climate is a big challenge for many Port Stephens home and building owners. Since the weather is inconsistent and extreme, moulds and moss formation, environmental debris, and wildlife disturbances can leave the roof with significant damages and dangers. It is no wonder roof repairs are common in this part of the world.

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At Port Stephens Roofing, we offer roof repairs that are cost effective. While most contractors will likely provide you with expensive quotes, or even unnecessarily suggest a total re-roof where it is not needed, our team of well-trained and licensed tradespeople will give you a detailed and careful assessment of repairs. We’ll walk you through the scope of work that will take care of your roofing problems, and we will give you all the options.

Roof Repairs Problem #1: Broken Tiles
Port Stephens Roofing professionals will replace cracked and broken tiles so that the roof is covered and protected from rain, moist, wind, insects and vermin. If the roof is older, and thus, more delicate to handle, our workers will make sure not to cause further damage to it. Our men are trained to handle this with expert hands.

Roof Repair Problem #2: Valley irons replacement
Valley iron roof repairs by Port Stephens Roofing will entail replacement of the rusted parts, particularly if these are galvanised types. Valley irons are integral to the whole plumbing system of the roof. As a cost effective solution, our workers will install valley irons dipped in zinc instead. This type is known to be more durable and long lasting than its old counterpart. It’s an option that offers less hassle and worry for the home or building owner.

Roof Repair Problem #3: Re-sarking, re-bedding, re-pointing
This job covers an extensive process that first involves the lifting of the tiles, and the replacement of the sarking paper with a better type of material. More roof repairs by Port Stephens Roofing will follow, to include putting up new timber just before the tiles are re-installed.

Our workers will make sure that the bedding, pointing and securing of the roof are done right – leaving no cracks or loose areas dangerous to its homeowners. This process is a complete restoration that the company’s 30-year experience will be able to handle with ease.

Having problems with your roofs? If you need assistance with roof repair, make sure to deal with licensed and trained tradespeople. Port Stephens Roofing professionals will take care of your roof repairs at affordable rates.